2 Hola


1.1 ¡Hola!

(Listos 1 P. 6-7)

I. Saludos (Greetings)


Ej 1: Look at the pictures and the greetings. Match up the images to the best option. (Write the answers in your book).



All vowels in Spanish are short, pure sounds that stay the same anywhere within a word.

a: like the a in father, but short and tense

e: like the e in there

i: like the i in machine, but short and tense

o: like the o in or

u: like the u in rule, but short and tense

tal       nada       natural      normal      fascinante     me     Perú     Lupe     noches




It is always silent in Spanish, except in the ch.

hotel     hasta     hombre     hay    alcohol    hoy


It is like the ny in canyon.

señor    señora    señorita    mañana    otoño    español


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