1 Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  •  say hello
  •  say goodbye
  •  ask someone’s name
  •  give your name
  •  give someone else’s name
  •  spell words in Spanish
  •  ask someone to spell their name
  •  ask someone how they are
  •  answer a similar question
  •  count from 1 to 99
  •  add and subtract numbers
  •  say how old you are
  •  ask others their age
  •  say how old someone else is
  •  say the months of the year
  •  say when your birthday is
  •  say the days of the week
  •  say the names of some countries
  •  say your nationality and where you are from
  •  ask someone what their nationality is
  •  say where you live
  •  ask someone where he/she lives
  •  say where other people live
  •  say what language(s) you speak
  •  ask someone which language(s) he/she speaks
  •  talk about the weather
  • say what the weather is like in different seasons


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