18 Tema Cuatro: De compras


By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • say what someone is wearing
  • make comparisons
  • say what you (don‟t) like
  • say what you love
  • say what you prefer
  • use demonstrative adjectives to say this/these, that/those, that over there/those over there
  • ask if something suits you
  • say how something looks
  • use direct object pronouns lo/la/los/las

say what size you take

  • ask what someone is going to wear
  • say what you wear
  • use the immediate future to say what you are going to wear/put on
  • make longer sentences using porque
  • use adjectives to describe clothes
  • ask where you can buy certain items
  • use direct object pronouns to say it/them
  • say who you are going to buy them for
  • use indirect object pronouns to say to him/to her/to them
  • talk and ask about pocket money
  • talk and ask about spending money
  • use progressive/continuous tense to say what is happening at the moment



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