1 Tema Uno: Nos Presentamos

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • ask someone’s name and give your name
  • say your nationality and where you are from
  • ask someone what their nationality is
  • ask someone where he/she lives and say where you live
  • say if you have any brothers and sisters
  • ask someone if they have brothers and sisters
  • ask someone where they are from
  • say where your birthday is
  • ask someone what their hair is like and describe yours
  • make comparisons
  • say what time you get up
  • say what you have to eat
  • say where you go to eat
  • say how you get somewhere
  • say what time classes start and finish
  • say what you do after school
  • use some adverbs
  • use demonstrative pronouns to say this/these
  • give the names of members of your family
  • say that you are pleased to meet someone
  • ask if they would like (a shower)
  • ask someone if they need anything
  • use adjectives to say what someone is like
  • use indirect object pronouns to say him/her/them
  • say thank you for something
  • say you like it (very much)/you love it
  • use the immediate future



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