Why Pressbooks

In the next few years, due to a number of circumstances, some resources will need to move to digital format. Although our school has a plethora of systems that would allow you to create and share content, Pressbooks allows us to BOTH create and share resources whilst creating a FULLY EDITABLE central repository of material.

Using Pressbooks doesn’t mean that now you have to re-write your material. With a few adaptions (mainly converting your PDFs into word documents) you can re-use most of your current resources.

The Pressbook format will allow you to

  • edit,
  • adapt,
  • add/remove content or chapters,
  • add multimedia and/or
  • add interactive content
  • export/download your eBooks
  • password-protect content
  • clone, adapt and share existing ebooks/chapters

All of this from a centralised platform, always live and accessible.

All content imported into Pressbook can be downloaded in a number of formats (from PDF to epub), so none of your hard work is missed.

Welcome to Macleans College Pressbooks!


Welcome to Macleans College Pressbooks Copyright © 2020 by Cristian Rodriguez and Pressbooks. All Rights Reserved.

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