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OER Repositories and Directories

Open Educational Resources are learning materials specially created to be shared and adapted under the Creative Commons licencing




  • Pressbooks Directory (beta): The Pressbooks directory contains an incredible collection of publicly available OERs, all created, adapted or existing in the world of Pressbooks. This Network Manager’s Guide contains a chapter on how to use the Pressbooks directory.
  • eCampus Ontario Open Library: eCampusOntario maintains a curated collection of more than 550 openly licensed resources aligned with top subject areas in post-secondary education, many of which have been published using Pressbooks and can be quickly and easily cloned for local use elsewhere.
  • B.C. Open Textbook Collection: BCcampus maintains a large and growing collection of more than 300 open textbooks for a variety of subjects and specialties, many of which have been published using Pressbooks and can be quickly cloned and adapted for local use elsewhere.
  • Open Textbook Library: The Open Textbook Library is a collection of more than 800 open textbooks for a variety of subjects, many of which have been published using Pressbooks. Entries in the collection typically include links to online and downloadable formats of the book, as well as structured reviews submitted by instructors who have reviewed the text using pre-supplied criteria. This collection is maintained by the Open Education Network.
  • OpenStax: OpenStax has published dozens of high-quality, peer reviewed, openly-licensed textbooks for commonly taught introductory college subjects. Many of the OpenStax books have been imported into Pressbooks (by BCcampusLumen Learning, and other users). OpenStax is part of Rice University, a nonprofit private university in Texas.
  • LibreTexts: LibreTexts provides free access to more than 400 texts across a variety of disciplines, with an early emphasis on chemistry and other STEM disciplines. The libraries are supported by a nonprofit organization founded by UC-Davis Chemistry professor Delmar Larsen.
  • MERLOT: MERLOT provides a curated repository of 90,000+ online learning and support materials, many of which are openly licensed. Their repository features peer reviews and a user rating system, as well as faceted search. MERLOT is a program of the California State University System.
  • OER Commons: OER Commons is “a public digital library of open educational resources” containing tens of thousands of openly licensed teaching & learning resources along with search and discovery tools. OER Commons is hosted and maintained by ISKME, a California-based nonprofit organization.



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