There are many ways to use PCC OER: A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • using links / individual parts / videos

We have carefully vetted the links and videos that are included in this section.  Use PCC OER: A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL if you need supplemental material for your classroom.  For example, the

  • using online

Clone or copy the material and use it as is in Pressbooks.

  • export into PB / HTML / etc.
  • export as ebook

Because the readers are formatted as Pressbooks, they can be exported as ebooks and read on a Kindle or other electronic tablet.

  • print or export PDF

The readers can all be printed and read just like paper books.  The H5P exercises are interactive and meant to be done online. They cannot be printed out, though a dedicated teacher could re-type the questions into a text document.

If you create new materials or otherwise add to the digital workbook, we’d love to see what you have done, and help re-share it with others. Please reach out via the Open Oregon contact form.


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